Transformational Times is NuMundo’s blog that inspires and empowers our readers with stories of transformational experiences, provides valuable guides and how-to’s for permaculture practices, and features leaders who are at the front-lines of creating planetary change.

Our hope is that the articles are accessible and digestible by anyone who may not even be opened up yet to these ideas yet. Ideally, the blog posts should be broken up into sections, include many personal photos, bullet points or numbered lists to make it easy to read.

Our categories are: NuMundo Projects, Transformational Travel, Permaculture, Events & Workshops, Indigenous Exchange, Featured Impact Centers & Transformational Festivals.

Helpful writing tips!
  • Write about experiences visiting specific impact centers, taking courses, attending transformational events, working on meaningful social or permaculture  projects, eco-techniques, exchanging with indigenous communities, how to’s, lists (ex. “Ten reasons why…,”
  • If your article is getting too long, try creating bullet points or sections with subtitles to clarify your idea flow.
  • Start your blog post in a way that will keep readers wanting to read. Perhaps it is funny, interesting, exciting, or piques their interest.
  • Use active voice where appropriate.
  • Draw meaningful conclusions and discuss ideas and motivations.
  • Use specific examples to illustrate what you’re saying
  • Reflect on 1-2 specific themes that kept coming up for you during the experience. Use these themes to guide your writing and reflect on larger issues instead of documenting every moment of the journey like a travelogue.
  • Use specific examples from your experience to support your statements.
  • Talk about your specific experience. At the end, if you want to relate your experience to the larger community or encourage others to try something similar, go for it. Include resources for our readers. (ex: This is why my yoga retreat was amazing. Here is why everyone should try a yoga retreat. Here are the some things to look out for when choosing a yoga retreat.)
  • Write a title that draws the reader in to want to open the article.
  • Avoid using words in a context that some people would not understand. Examples: “offerings, gifts, intention, diving deeper, etc”. Use clear language that anyone can understand.
  • If you want to discuss plant medicines, or anything that would be considered controversial please be tactical in the way that it is and your will make sure the context is appropriate.
  • Watch for run on sentences. If you are not sure, start a new sentence. Keep it simple and clear. Use good paragraph structure, large block of text are intimidating to readers.
  • Make it as concise as possible. Be detailed, but keep it short. On average, an article should run around 600 min and 1000 max words.
  • Focus on outcomes and results of transformational experiences, rather than describing the experience, leave out step by step process.
  • If you want to do play by plays add photos with captions but minimize play by plays.
  • Don’t state the obvious. Example: most people who travel knows the sun rises in the east.
  • Include personal narrative, but don’t let it get in the way of making a larger point, drawing conclusions from your experience, or discussing larger ideas.
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