So, you want to join our community of global, change-making educators and storytellers inspiring the world with their lives? Groovy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Content of Transformational Times falls under 3 major themes:

1)  Transformational travel stories related to permaculture, holistic wellness, indigenous exchange, leadership development or personal empowerment.

2) Inspirational lifestyle transition stories. Ex. “Why I quit my high-paying corporate job to live off-grid lost in a desert eco-village”

3) Templates, how-to’s and guides from founders of centers about running permaculture farms, ecovillages or holistic wellness centers.

  • Several high-res quality photos that beautifully tell the story of your writing (preferably with you or other people in them) is of very high importance.

Our hope for this media platform is to inspire and empower our readers with stories of transformational experiences, provide valuable guides and how-to’s for permaculture practices and impact center management and feature leaders who are at the front-lines of creating planetary change.

  • For all 3 themes, our preferred style of writing are guides, how-tos, any kind of lists or stories broken up in sections with high-quality images.
  • We accept submissions from seasoned and beginning writers, photographers and filmmakers.
  • We’re currently looking for people who have visited an impact center that they loved and want to participate in an interview about their experience. Contact Shayna (at) if you’re interested in being interviewed!
  • Please familiarize yourself with our content before submitting.

Please also read our guidelines for submission to understand how to pitch your article to us and do’s and don’ts.

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