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Chena Hot Springs is working towards becoming a self-sustaining community, and an important part of making this vision a reality is to strive for greater independence in food production. Chena installed a small test greenhouse in 2004, which has operated year round and is heated entirely with water from their geothermal resource. They were able to maintain the standard greenhouse temperature of 78°F while outside temperatures dropped to -56°F. This 134°F temperature differential was the largest recorded for any controlled environment production facility in the U.S. Since then they have improved upon their design and diversified their production. Their center is a tourist destination that doesn’t publicly list they have work trade opportunities, but they are available if you contact them with your skills and intentions. Chena also has paid positions open for guides. They feature natural hot springs, an ice museum and tours of their geothermal energy system.

Homer, Alaska – We are connected to a friend who works for the USDA and is also a permie, Brad Caesar. Let me know if you would like to be personally connected with him and he can provide you with suggestions of permaculture projects to plug into in the Homer area.



Atlan Center is a living and learning ecovillage dedicated to the artful co-creation of healthy living systems celebrating the connectedness and diversity of all Life. Atlan provides sanctuary for the creation of sustainable culture through the holistic integration of healing, art, and design. Our ecovillage demonstrates permaculture and regenerative principles while engaging a network of resonant communities. They inhabit 151 acres just north of White Salmon, Washington. The land includes diverse micro-climates and beautiful southern slopes overlooking the scenic Columbia River Gorge with year round streams. It hosts stands of second growth Douglas fir, riparian transition zones, and oak savannah, providing a rich variety of flora and fauna. We know the founder who is dedicated and open to working and collaborating with others. This up and coming center is a great fit for your skill-set.

Our Sacred Acres is a secluded wilderness refuge for community on Panther Creek, in the Snohomish Valley of the Cascade Mountains. OSA is a place to enjoy nature, find balance, and make contact with kindred spirited beings who share a desire for learning how to live well together and in harmony with all life. This intentional community has been trying to find it’s niche and could definitely use some support. We know the founder, Danielle Gennety who was just at Standing Rock, and it’s worth sending them a message with your skills and intention to see if they are excited to welcome you. If you’re a good fit, you could potentially score a long term home purely through trading.



Circle of Children is creating a demonstration site for sustainable living and learning on 60 acres of land that was donated to their nonprofit in 2012. This beautiful property is nestled between two lakes in the coastal mountains and rainforests of Oregon. It features a large-scale conference & retreat center, natural building site, and two acres of organic permaculture gardens and food forest. They regularly accept visitors who are passionate about learning new skills while actively contributing to the sustainable development of our center and sharing in a conscious community environment. They are constantly holding events and building so this developing center is a great fit for you. The founder, Blackhorse is a free spirited and loving guy.

They specialize in creating enriched environments for young people to connect with nature, develop their unique talents, build community and create projects that serve the people and the planet. They regularly host youth immersion programs and family camps that focus on permaculture, natural building, nature connection, holistic health, creative arts, community building, and youth empowerment at our Triangle Lake Center in Oregon and throughout the west coast.

It was awesome connecting with you- wishing you a beautiful journey! Reach out to me with any questions.