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The best match for your travel desires and vision is the country of Peru. There is an adventurous and well-traveled route for backpackers and accessible indigenous culture. We’re also including good starting points in India and Thailand if that’s where your path leads you.



Paititi Institute is our top pick for you since they are a trusted center, have a flourishing permaculture project and incorporate plant medicine healing and ceremony into their teachings- this is a destination. Paititi Institute for the Preservation of Ecology & Indigenous Culture is a nonprofit organization devoted to the integration of indigenous wisdom into every day life. They serve as an intercultural bridge supporting individuals and communities to live as activated, responsible and joyful human beings in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes.

“Paititi”, in Quechua, is an enlightened realm manifested through the awakening of our shared human heart. Through the awakened spirit of the individual comes the greatest potential for the transformation of the planet. The Paititi Institute is committed to embodying this paradigm shift and demonstrating what is possible through ordinary human efforts, in service to Mother Nature and the infinite human potential.p1

Through all of their programs, they dedicate our efforts to supporting a society of deep, nurturing and true values. As humans, we are inexorably linked to the earth and each other. As part of this magnificent symbiotic organism, they are dedicated to co-creating the enlightened world we all have in our hearts.

Right after Burning Man, they are starting a month long Work Study Service Program with options to stay longer if you’re enjoying your time.

Shamanic Permaculture Work Study Service
Sept 21 – Oct 18 2016

Ap2nother month-long program is their Permaculture Certification. Shamanic Permaculture in it’s essence is this intention to unravel what it truly means to be a human in service for the benefit of all life and the path to this service is through knowing one’s own true nature and self. As an essential and core part of this process they will be exploring deeply what it means to be stewards of nature, stewards of our personal body temples and stewards of harmonious community.

They will incorporate with nutrition, Qigong, Yoga, healing breath, dreamwork, sacred plant ceremonies and eastern meditation practices throughout the course to activate deeper vitality and a realignment of the energetic channels of our organism.

Shamanic Permaculture Design Certificate Course
Oct 23 – Nov 24


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Alianza Arkana – A unique way to engage with herbalism, plant medicines, indigenous people and permaculture is off the beaten path in Pucallpa, Peru. The wellbeing of life on Earth depends on the resilience of the Amazon Rainforest and its people. Community alliances for regeneration are essential to growing this resilience. Alianza Arkana creates mutual relationships with communities in the Peruvian Amazon to cultivate sustainable solutions and creatively confront the array of eco-social challenges we face today.

Alianza Arkana is always seeking new volunteers and collaborators to join them in the Peruvian Amazon, to get involved in the areas of permaculture, regenerative solutions, intercultural education and eco social justice. They work closely with Shipibo people, indigenous to the Ucayali region where they are based. Volunteers and Interns stay both in their permaculture live/work site in the centre of Yarinacocha, and in local Shipibo communities.


NuSeed Gathering – Another bioregion hotspot to check out is Costa Rica. I personally took my permaculture design certification at Verdenergia and it is truly paradise there. They are a cooperative dedicated to ecosystem regeneration and sustainable lifestyle creation, experimenting with practices that serve their land base and withdraw legitimacy from the unsustainable structures and habits of our cultures. they aim to transform today’s convergence of global crises into opportunities to unite, educate, and co-create a more conscious, just, and abundant way of life for ourselves and generations to come.

A good launch-pad in Costa Rica would be the NuSeed Gathering. It’s a chance to align passion with purpose, and take steps toward achieving your life goals. NuSeed is designed to set you on your path towards self-realization, and connect you to real opportunities to personal and professional growth. The seed is the beginning, and needs the right nutrients to nurture a new life. Here’s what to expect:

Life Design – Receive the tools to cultivate your inner garden. Leading facilitators will give you tools that you can put into practice in your everyday life to make real changes and increase well-being, productivity, and fulfillment. Find the place your passions and skills meet a real need. Each participant will receive personalized 1-on-1 life-coaching mini-sessions to connect you to opportunities to grow.

Entrepreneurship – There has never been so much opportunity and so many resources at our fingertips. Today, we stand on the shoulders of giants, and we can harness the vast knowledge and freely available resources to manifest our visions and bring our dreams to life. Learn practical tools for launching a business or non-profit, and connect to resources, mentors, and networks to take the next steps.

Leadership Development – Step into your potential as a leader, and take the first steps towards empowerment. Building an organization or a movement begins with building oneself.

Hands-on Permaculture – Permaculture is one of the most valuable and potent technologies accessible to humans today. It gives us the tools to plant and water the seeds of the new system. It is grounded in ancient indigenous traditions. It is more than growing food – it is growing and cultivating life. Be immersed in a living, breathing permaculture education center, and learn both hands-on techniques and their conceptual foundations from internationally renowned professional permaculture instructors and local experts.

Bioconstruction – Building with earthen and natural materials is an ancient technology, and is once again on the rise. Experience hands-on techniques that millions of indigenous peoples employ around the world, even today. The executive director of City Repair, the organization behind the revolutionary Village-Building Convergence will be there to share how to build a village even in the heart of the city.

Yoga – Yoga has been in existence for thousands of years, but has never been so popular as it is today. Yoga is a powerful practice that aligns mind, body, and spirit in the cultivation of awareness and presence. When we achieve this state of presence, we can bring it with us into each moment of the day.

Compassionate Communication – Learn heart-centered communication techniques to help you create the impact that you want in relationship. Become more in touch with your present moment experience and start to identify your projections while owning your own experience.

Networking – Make the connections to jumpstart your next move and advance on your path. Facilitated networking sessions will connect participants to exciting opportunities, like-minded community in your region, and revolutionary organizations that are planting the seeds of the next world. We will also offer an instructional session on professional networking.

Indigenous Ancestral Wisdom – learn from wisdom keepers of knowledge that has been passed down for centuries about the properties of native plants for healing, nutrition, and more.

Music from the Tribal Future – An international lineup of sound designers will weave a sonic tapestry rooted in tradition. Grounded in the ancient practice of the trance dance ritual, ecstatic dance ceremony is a technology that has been utilized by our ancestors around the world to dissolve individual ego barriers, resolve interpersonal tensions, and strengthen collective community bonds.

Cacao: Growing & Making Chocolate – We are surrounded by cacao forest, and find ourselves in direct contact with this sacred plant. Why is this plant so revered by ancient and modern-day cultures alike? Meet cacao farmers, taste the cacao fruit, learn about the fermentation process, how to make chocolate, and sit in ceremony with cacao medicine.

Ceremony – Cacao ceremonies have been practices by Mayan and Aztec cultures for centuries, and this medicine is being adopted today by Westerners as we take the first steps away from an industrialized, disconnected, chemical-heavy society on our journey back to source of life. Sweat lodge ceremony is a mental and physical purification technology that was developed by many ancient cultures around the world. Elders will lead us through this sacred tradition back to the heart.

Contact – Website

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Alquimia – One wildcard for you is even more off the beaten path in Guatemala. They are focused on local indigenous medicinal plants and are located next to a Mayan village they partner with to preserve local medicinal plant knowledge.

Alquimia is a sacred space in the forest where creative arts and healing are combined for self-realization and methamorphosis to occur. They encourage the expression of the inner truth through the physical and the spiritual, the uplifting of the mind as a clear function of a more profound connection with all the parts. They work with sacred plants, rituals and psychomagic reaching a state of being which allows us to comprehend the human experience in all its dimensions.

They are creative with their healing processes, such as their ritual theater psychodrama rituals and including food as medicine. Alquimia has several internships: Mayan Ethnobotany and intro to Herbal Medicine, Shamanism and Master Plants and Healing Arts and Unconventional Therapies.



  • Peru Roadmap – My favorite go-to and up-to-date travel resource is where you can easily find out how to hop around Peru. The best landing spot is diverse city in the mountains, Cusco. You can visit Machu Piccu and explore the nearby Sacred Valley in Pisac. From there you can easily take a bus to visit the jungle in Puerto Maldonado or make your way towards the jungle in Pucallpa. Another direction you could go is south towards Arequipa to see Colca Canyon which is even larger than the grand canyon in the US where big condors fly free. Nearby is the man-made floating islands of Lake Titicaca. Alternatively, you could just fly deep into the jungle to Iquitos. There is a large concentration of traditional Peruvian healers (often using ayahuasca) in Iquitos but be warned that some centers are fairly commercial and not all shamans are safe to practice with. We suggest sticking with the safest option, Temple of the Way of Light.
  • Learn the Language – A highly recommended Spanish school in the heart of Peru is called Amigos. The main teacher is a young well traveled guy who loves to chat and cares about creating a great learning environment.

  • Unlimited Possibilities – If you decide on heading to Thailand or India I can point you in the right direction. In India, Rajastan is the “real India” as the Indians call it and we found this to be very true. A camelback journey across the Thar Desert is highly recommended. This connection can be made in Jaisalmer. In Thailand, check out The Sanctuary for some self love, relaxation and to meet with like-minded individuals.


  • Backpacking – My favorite down-to-earth and straight forward backpacking list and guide is Travel Independent.
  • Meeting People – Use Facebook Groups to find the latest events and meetups in the region you’re traveling in. For example: Spirit Events Sacred Valley for events just outside Cusco in Peru. Use keywords like “events, permaculture, expats, expatriates, healers” etc. Don’t be afraid to talk to other travelers in hostels ; ).

Let me know if you have any questions!