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There are two bioregions that will be the easiest and most rewarding for you to visit in Latin America. Costa Rica is filled with centers to learn and play with likeminded individuals. Peru will offer a well-known route for backpackers and more accessible indigenous culture. I’ve included recommendations from both countries for your journey!


Costa Rica

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Finca Morpho is a great place to start a journey to Costa Rica since all of the community members are so friendly and fun. You can get acclimated to the jungle climate, hang out on the beach, learn the basics of eco-living and potentially offer your building skills.

Their mission is to spread the seed of permaculture using love, compassion and understanding for everyone and everything. And to tend the seedling as the idea of permaculture flowers into a beautiful new world by openly sharing all knowledge and skills.

Finca Morpho’s vision and values are to: Strive to achieve self-sufficiency and sustainability. Strive to Understand, Love, and Cherish all life. Understand and use the Co-Founders agreements. Share all information freely and openly.

Their farm goals are to produce as much food and abundance as possible through the guide of the Basic Permaculture Agreements and to educate and empower the people to take back the tools needed to create an abundant and fulfilling life for themselves.

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If you want to get more serious about learning natural building or earthen building you should check out Rancho Mastatal’s formal education programs such as timber frame construction or earthen walls, plasters, finishes and artistry. Their center has gorgeous and unique structures built with bamboo and other local materials.

Rancho Mastatal is an education center and community rooted in environmental sustainability, meaningful, place-based livelihoods and healthy caring relationships. They provide powerful educational opportunities through our inspirational, experiential programs and onsite network of integrated, working systems.

Their practices are appropriate to our rural, tropical, environment; are replicable; and embody competencies and philosophical tenants which are also applicable in other regions of the world. Their programs reach a cross-generational, cross-cultural audience and are accessible to a range of demographics.

Their dynamic community encompasses the people of our region, the Ranch team, and many of the people that participate in our varied programs. Their core team is able to provide for itself through agricultural, food-based, building, and educational activities, which simultaneously create and strengthen a viable web of local economies and healthy, sustainable, products and services. Their own financial livelihoods both contribute to and are dependent upon these local economies.

The Ranch provides its local staff with secure, well-paying jobs, educational opportunities, and a caring workplace. A well-organized financial structure allows us to make fiscal decisions that support our members and community while preparing for an increasingly challenging global environment.

Rancho Mastatal takes into consideration environmental concerns from a personal to a global perspective and develops models, techniques, and solutions that are regenerative, regionally appropriate, and maintainable. They are committed to sourcing our food and building materials locally while maximizing the utility of our diversified farm. We promote community resiliency by supporting regional efforts to assure clean water, healthy food, fertile agricultural land, and safe, naturally constructed buildings.

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VerdEnergia Pacifica has a more fun vibe than Rancho Mastatal and they still get work done in a less structured way. There are often many young volunteers and this project has reforested massive pieces of land. Their annual Permaculture Design Certification is an awesome way to upgrade your knowledge on permaculture.

VerdEnergia Pacifica is an intentional permaculture community and reforestation project in the mountains of Lanas de Puriscal, Costa Rica. They are a cooperative dedicated to ecosystem regeneration and sustainable lifestyle creation, experimenting with practices that serve our land base and withdraw legitimacy from the unsustainable structures and habits of our cultures. We aim to transform today’s convergence of global crises into opportunities to unite, educate, and co-create a more conscious, just, and abundant way of life for ourselves and generations to come.




My favorite go-to and up-to-date travel resource is where you can easily find out how to fly into Cusco in the mountains, explore the sacred valley nearby in Pisac, visit the jungle in Puerto Maldonado, see Colca Canyon that’s even larger than the grand canyon in the US where big condors fly free and see the man-made floating islands of Lake Titicaca.

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Our good friends in Peru have started a project deep in the depths of the Amazon jungle. You’ll have close encounters with the animals who live here and locals as you support their research and development of a demonstrative permaculture center.

Las Piedras Amazon Center (LPAC) brings people together for research and conservation, within Peru’s Andes-Amazon biodiversity hotspot. Visitors to the Amazon Center support the continued protection of important Las Piedras river rainforests, in the face of rapidly increasing deforestation and forest degradation.




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I’m throwing in a wild card center that’s located in Belize. This center was started by some of the most passionate people I know and Belize is certainly off the beaten path. They were recently building an outdoor restaurant for serving healthy and organic food. At Sattva Land, we are co-creating a sustainable learning space to enhance the sacred connection with Earth, each other and with our own selves.

In honor and recognition of the land as the most powerful teacher to be guided by, we observe and read her patterns and cycles so that we may educate, inspire, and reawaken those around us through practicing a holistic lifestyle that weaves devotion, balance, health, and mindfulness.

Through the collective development of Sattva Land, we continually strive to live in a self-sustaining village in harmony with Nature and in alignment with our own individual purposes. As we expand into a harmonious community of like minded individuals, we are dedicating ourselves to actively being part of the rise of global consciousness by sharing what we have to offer with visitors, the local people and the land base.


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