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You are almost ready for your journey! The entire NuMundo team is excited to hear your stories as you embark on a new adventure. Refer to this guide for some tips on where to begin.


Central California

There are a handful of organic farms in Santa Cruz that offer volunteer opportunities, however their digital presence is lacking. There is one program that seems like an incredibly ideal fit to begin exploring the permaculture and community living environment in the Santa Cruz area: A Santa Cruz Permaculture Design Certification that meets during the weekends lasting 6 months with an all-star line-up of experienced educators:  

The curriculum is holistic and dynamic:

One farm that could be a good place to learn is called Shumei Santa Cruz Farm. They are a fully functional organic farm that hosts yoga, music and art gatherings.

If you would like more options to choose from your best bet is to get direct recommendations from the most-connected permaculturalist in Santa Cruz: David Shaw. He can be reached via Let me know if you’d like us to make a personalized e-mail introduction.



Stay in the loop with the Santa Cruz permaculture scene by joining their mailing list, following their Facebook Page, joining the Santa Cruz Permaculture Guild FB page, Santa Cruz Permaculture Action Group FB Page, and the Permaculture Santa Cruz page.


 Northern California

There are several notable centers in Northern California that may not have warmer weather but could be a great local method of exploring your interests. We highly suggest:

The Regenerative Design Institute serves as a catalyst for a revolution in the way humans relate to the natural world. As they continue to develop Commonweal Garden into an educational center and demonstration site in permaculture and regenerative design, they serve as an inspiration of possibility for how people can live in a mutually enhancing relationship with the Earth. Their 2017 sold out Four Seasons PDC is spread out over an entire day as participants meet once a month.

The Art of Vitality programs weave self-healing concepts and practices with experiential learning about food as medicine, mind-body medicine, and body-ecological permaculture. Anna O’Malley and James Stark will guide you on a path of discovery through creative work, personal and inter-personal reflection, deep nature connection, integrative medicine conversation, cooking demonstrations, and fire circle ritual. You will be oriented to healthy ecological systems on all levels: cellular, whole-body, interpersonal, and community. The Art of Vitality is offered in two formats: an introductory three-day weekend intensive workshop, and a full nine month program delivered over four seasonal weekend experiences.

9 Day workshops on how to build cob cottages or work with natural plasters
16 Week Apprenticeships

The Solar Living Institute hosts the North American Permaculture & Building Resilient Communities Convergence and has weekend workshops on solar technology, mushrooms, master composting, compost teas, straw bale houses and aquaponics.

It was awesome connecting with you- wishing you a beautiful journey!