About Me

I’m Lukas, a professional web developer and designer, travelling the world bartering my work for experiences. I am german but grew up in the sunny south of Portugal, blessed with a multilingual environment and a beach close to home, but moved to Berlin to work and study in my early twenties. I started to travel the world in late 2013 and offer my skills for a room for the night, travel expenses or anything good really. I barter with volunteer projects, eco villages, sustainable businesses or charity that very often need an online specialist and don’t have the funding to pay for an agency or professional.


I want to do what I’m good at as an exchange for what other people are good at or have, mostly no money involved. I want to travel, do good things for great people and get good things in return, hence my project name “Good Things Everywhere". Ultimately I want to provide respect, love and compassion to all beings and things around me, and try to contribute to a better world through my actions. 

Most transformational travel experience

With so many experiences that I could call transformational “the most transformational travel experience” is the sum of them, how my experiences unify to a bigger picture. The recycling project I worked for in New Zealand, the volunteer project teaching kids IT in Thailand, the platform for educational resources I worked for in the Netherlands or the eco village in Brazil. Everything I’ve lived has given me so much and inspired me to keep going. Every experience is a piece of the puzzle, inspirational by the extraordinary diversity of our planet and giving me hope for what comes next.

My Mantra

We’re the creators of our own reality. Give without expectations.

Piracanga: On sustainability and spirituality in Bahia, Brazil
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Piracanga: On sustainability and spirituality in Bahia, Brazil

Piracanga is an ecovillage and retreat centre, where a group of friends have chosen to live in community, shaping their reality by their chosen spiritual principles of love, compassion and freedom, whilst trying to put in practice a sustainable way of life. I traveled to the ecovillage in late 2014 and we had agreed on […]