About Me

Brittney had her first awakening while in a social problems class at University, where a professor had shattered her juvenile beliefs around social justice and equality. After feeling angry, depressed and immobilized for several months, Brittney decided that she wanted to do something to create the world she yearned to live in. Brittney made the choice to travel the world and to participate in programs which would help her gain understanding into the current issues we face on this planet.

She went to Poland and met Jadwiga Lopata and Sir Julian, founders of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, who taught her the importance of small family farms, local craftwork, and introduced her to the concept of GMOs and their detriment to our entire genetic code, both to the animal and plant kingdom.  These two incredible people fed Brittney’s own spirit for peaceful environmental activism.

After graduating with a degree in Mathematics and writing her thesis on the Origins of the Universe in an attempt to dig into the world where science meets spirituality, she decided to travel to India (a land where she was able to experience what she had only mentally explored the previous year) and decided to participate in a Living Routes program in Auroville, the largest ecovillage in the world, to study inner and outer sustainability.

Taking part in a highly transformative program she was able to learn from an incredible community represented by people from over 40 countries, and experienced how to build her own community within a cohort of 11 students and 3 teachers.  Within this family, they built agreements and conflict resolution, volunteered with different organizations within Auroville to gain an understanding of the social and environmental issues at hand and contribute to their resolve, and traveled the backwaters of Kerala to Amma’s ashram, shared heady Krishna chants with swamiji through the Sivananada ashram, circumnavigated Annamalai in Tiruvannamali in silent contemplation chanting inwardly the mantra, “who am I?”, and went deep within herself on a sacred 3-day solo journey in the beautiful mountains of Kodaikanal, where she was able to receive the messages of the trees and the fire.

Right after her program ended, Brittney experienced her second large awakening when she got very ill and had multiple systems of her body pulling out of balance at the same time.  She still chose to travel alone in Northern India for a  few months, before surrendering to the acknowledgement she needed to go home, rest, and take care of herself.  She found herself on a journey of self-love and empowerment – an Awakening of the Healer Within.

Brittney lived in the international training center for Rebirthing Breathwork in Virginia, has attended numerous Vipassana retreats and has completed trainings with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Earth Activist Training (permaculture design), the International School of Detoxification, the Awaken the Dreamer Program through the Panchamama Alliance, and a Jungle Herbal Immersion at Punta Mona in Costa Rica.

Brittney is the founder of Fruit the World and Top of the Mountain Healing, is a contributing member of Fruits Berries and Melons, and is on a mission to bridge the worlds of regenerative healing and restorative land techniques so she can empower others to create their own freedom.