About Me

Brandon "Bodhi" Denton, Botanist and Permaculture Design Educator, is the founder of the PermaculTourism Initative, a regenerative-tourism movement aimed at creating educational travel experiences which generate and regenerate living Permaculture community systems. This movement has taken shape through the Nepal Permaculture Adventure, a group trekking course which occurs every spring serving various Himalayan mountain communities. He also teaches Permaculture Design Courses throughout the year in various parts of the world, provides design consultation services, and is co-designing and co-managing organic farms in Nepal and Bali.

My personal mission

To learn from Nature and to co-create systems which mimic Natural systems, for the benefit of all Life. To gather and share the most essential stories in Nature, to inspire others to have hope and move forward with organic-creativity. "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein

My most transformational travel experience

What first comes to mind is the first time I came to the Himalayas of Nepal, and met the man who first introduced Apples in Nepal, Buddhi Ratna Sherchan, now 75 years old, who invited me to come trek up to his village, and stay in his home. Along the way I learned so many things from him, and the village communities. The first night I stayed with him, I had a dream that I was teaching Permaculture to a group of students at a school, which three days later, turned out to be the same school that he brought me to, the Shree Jana Adarsh School in Kobang, an agriculture secondary school, where I volunteered teaching the basics of Permaculture. The relationship formed with this school turned into the Permaculture Service-Learning Adventure that I lead in this region of the Himalayas every spring with The PermaculTourism Initative. I now call Buddhi Ratna Sherchan, Buwa, which means Father in Nepali language, and I see him several times a year. My fondest memory of that first time we spent together was him stopping next to a stream, and saying "Just you hear?... The stream is saying... you have to continue onward, at a steady pace, and then you will reach your destination..." and after a big smile and a wink, we kept walking.

My Mantra

"Have a seat, have some fruit..."


Transformational Travel: A Permaculture Service-Learning Adventure in the Himalayas
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Transformational Travel: A Permaculture Service-Learning Adventure in the Himalayas

How can Permaculture revolutionize Tourism? Is it possible to travel and still leave a net-positive impact on the planet? How can you have a deeply unique cultural experience, learn, and serve communities at the same time? All of these questions will be explored in these monthly blog posts, as I report my experiences with the […]