About Me

Robin Liepman (Bloom) is a druid, a bard, an elf, and a world traveller, here to re-weave the dream of the modern world into a vibrant balanced existence. Bloom was born from the warm coastal womb of central California in San Luis Obispo, educated by the fairies and tree people at the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science, (and a special focus on life, the universe and everything,) and initiated into the intergalactic tribe of awakening beings during his six months of travel through Central America, becoming initiated into the modern day mystery school via volunteering at an endless stream of transformational festivals. He then went on a spiritual pilgrimage through Peru and Bolivia, emerging with a strengthened sense of life path and purpose, re-visited Costa Rica, and is now on Vancouver Island in Canada for his Permaculture Design Course/Earth Activist Training with Starhawk and friends.  He is currently co-organizing the "Blooming Biodiversity" permaculture tour of the North American west coast and Hawaii with a team called “Solutionary Productions," a journey of healing the world through holistic integrative permaculture activations worldwide. 

Personal Mission

Continuously blooming into unique expressions of cosmic love, Bloom is here to co-create a thriving, just, and sustainable world that works for everyone, the brighter world the our hearts know is possible.

Most transformational travel experience

My most transformational travel experience has been gliding through the sacred valley and amazon of Peru, playing and writing music, living with and learning from indigenous communities,  visionary artists, and world travelers, engaging in profound shamanic plant medicine ceremonies, and integrating my experiences in an eco-village by the beach, before blasting off to Costa Rica for a heart opening and consciousness expanding journey at Envision, Tribal Alliance, and Medicine's from the Edge, where I had the opportunity to share music and offer workshops, inspired by my journeys in South America.

My Mantra

Welcome to the best day of our lives so far, yet again!

The University of the Universe: Waltzing into the Unknown
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The University of the Universe: Waltzing into the Unknown

Conventional wisdom holds that the road to success is a stable, structured, pre-approved, pre-designated life path. However, I have noticed many people find themselves trembling with anxiety in the midst of what has been called an “existential crisis.” As a result, an emergence of pathfinders, wayshowers, and paradigm innovators have been swelling to the surface, […]