About Me

My name’s Baigz and I’m an intern at Sandhill Farm, an egalitarian community in northeast Missouri. I manage some of the crops here: winter squash, okra, blackberry, black raspberry, black currants, grapes, and some medicinal herbs while song and music spring forth from me. Biking as transportation is my norm. I identify as a queer male.

Personal Mission

My personal mission is to experience and explore the intersectionality of the intentional communities movement, social justice, sustainability, and spirituality. I’m working toward understanding how being born into a white, middle-class-dropout male identity feeds into systems of oppression so that I can disengage from those systems.

My most transformational travel experience

My most transformational travel experience was in 2014-2015 when I took a tour of intentional communities in Missouri  to experience alternative community in the midwest. Since my journey began, I’ve been transformed to become a more accountable human being. My first stop was Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, where I learned earthen plastering, cobbing, and earthworks and cared for about 70 chickens and ducks, a tribe of goats, and miniature donkey. My experience of off-grid living changed my life. Rolling prairies and their earthen village stand as a beacon of hope amongst a sea of toxic agriculture. Next, I interned at Sandhill Farm (3 miles down the road) during the sorghum harvest where I wielded machetes to chop down sorghum cane for processing and boiled it down into syrup. This was my first experience living in an income-sharing community, and I realized here that egalitarianism is a national movement live an well in the United States. This is the type communism I believe in. Last, I visited East Wind Community, a 75+ resident egalitarian community and nut butter business near the Ozarks in southern Missouri.  I found a beautiful connection to land and people there. A river valley broke through the foothills of the Ozarks, with stewards of the land who continuously celebrate their position in managing this watershed. I realized I wanted to experience a social justice focused community so, a member of Sandhill, lulu segundo, brought me with her to visit Catholic Worker Houses, collective houses, and squats in St. Louis. This experience opened me up to groups working to dismantle systems of oppression while simultaneously creating alternative community. I learned about what it means to be an anarchist there and to take a deep look at how I relate to the world to make choices that nurture symbiotic relationships. 


How I Transformed Drug Dependency into Creative Environmental Action
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How I Transformed Drug Dependency into Creative Environmental Action

A culture supportive of institutions, behaviors, and mindsets centering around drug and alcohol consumption is not sustainable. Therefore, if we are aiming to build or support sustainable community and lifestyle, we must look critically at how we intoxicate ourselves, become dependent on chemicals, and form addictions. Imagine if humans harnessed all the resources they spend […]

Appropriate Transportation:  What it Means to Move
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Appropriate Transportation: What it Means to Move

Last year I began a new life in the rolling hills of rural Missouri. Since my arrival here I’ve given up driving in personal vehicles, planes, and buses. I don’t drive a car, or ride in one. I know this may sound extreme, but it feels like the appropriate thing for me to do given […]