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So, you want to become a NuMundo Ambassador? We’re thrilled!

What is an Ambassador?

Our team of ambassadors are enthusiastic, brave and passionate people who share the NuMundo values of positive leadership, love for nature, respect for the indigenous wisdom, diversity, integrity and sustainable living.

They are an important part of our network as the on-the-ground embodiment of NuMundo. Ambassadors help us grow, spread the NuMundo experience to the world, and lovingly empower others to join the movement.

They naturally connect with others and help us by supporting our Center’s missions and explorations; impact centers; holistic wellness, social and ecological projects, to come together and build the network that will allow us to share crucial information and resources to co-create and regenerate our planet, for us and future generations.

Sound exciting?

What do Ambassadors do?

Our ambassadors are the network’s pollinators of NuMundo, they are official representatives, generally based in one country, and some travel as citizens of the world!

They identify, visit, evaluate, and recruit Impact Centers around the world. They empower and guide them in the process of joining our network and using our platform. They also encourage travelers to sign up for the platform and pass the voice, this is the way in which Ambassadors primarily support our growth.

Gathering Impact Centers and travelers on our platform is extremely important for us: as NuMundo is the virtual launching pad for magical things to start happening.

But there’s more…

Ambassadors often blog and share stories about their own transformational story, projects they visit, or develop. They can organize local NuMundo-related meetups in their area, or represent NuMundo at local and regional events, such as conferences and festivals.

And when they travel, they help to grow NuMundo by leaving promotional material at impact sites and travel hubs around the world!

Ambassadors also support travelers with advice, information and guidance, especially those seeking travel to a certain country or region where the Ambassador is active and knows well.

So yes! Being an ambassador is an adventure itself!

What do Ambassadors get?

As reward for their efforts and commitment, ambassadors get access to all of the perks that are offered in our Affiliate program, and more!

This includes:

  • Redeemable NuMundo credit for any contribution to the platform, such as adding new Impact Centers. Credit is redeemable for Stays at Impact Centers, special event, concert and festival tickets, NuMundo swag and lots more to come!
  • 10% commission in NuMundo credit on newly referred friends’ first time booking.
    Example: You refer a friend to sign up on NuMundo and they spend $300 on booking a stay. You receive $30 in NuMundo credit, which is redeemable towards your next booking on the platform and much more!
  • We will also run special contests with offers that include NuMundo swag, travel hacking consultation, free tickets to select events, workshops and festivals and free stays at Impact Centers.

But that’s not all!

The Ambassadorship experience also offers unique personal rewards, like: access to training and development of new skills, contribution to a conscious startup (maybe your first working experience in the startup world), diverse living opportunities, places to practice different languages, fulfillment of your life’s passions and building lots of beautiful, magical, meaningful connections!

How do I join?

Do you think you have what it takes and feel passionate about this opportunity?

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