So, you want to become a NuMundo Affiliate? We’re thrilled!

What is an Affiliate?

Our Affiliates are our pollinators in the virtual world, helping us promote the NuMundo movement. Anyone who shares our passion for nature, holistic living, social and ecological projects, preserving indigenous wisdom, and the intention of building the Numundo community is welcome!

What do Affiliates do?

Affiliates spread the NuMundo experience to the world, including our promotions, Blog posts, stories and Stays!

They lovingly encourage other people to sign up for the platform as a traveller. Affiliates use their existing network and social media presence to promote NuMundo with their unique referral link.

So you can post Numundo to your Facebook, Tweet about it, advertise with a drone, Snapchat, Instagram, just be creative and have fun!

What do Affiliates get?

10% commission in NuMundo credit on newly referred friends’ first time booking.

Example: You refer a friend to sign up on NuMundo and they spend $300 on booking a stay. You receive $30 in NuMundo credit, which is redeemable towards your next booking on the platform.

We will also run special contests with offers that includes NuMundo swag, travel hacking consultation, free tickets to select events, workshops and festivals and free stays at impact centers.

How do I join?

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