“The revolution of the Consciousness is…taking place Now, in the present moment. There are no strategies, no great leaders in this revolution, only heroes who understand the evolutionary progress of the Consciousness and are open to allow the processes to take place in themselves.”

— Frank M. Wanderer, The Revolution of Consciousness: De-Conditioning the Programmed Mind

People around the world are waking up.

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Meditation and mindfulness practices are burgeoning. Individuals are becoming aware of their mistaken individuality—their true interconnectedness to the whole.

Mindfulness disciplines once considered mere offshoots of Eastern religions now lay an indispensable foundation for worldwide secular-spiritual discovery.

In short, conscious awakening is a universal method for self-betterment and self-discovery. But how should we regard consciousness? That is the question.

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The Hard Question of Science

How humans experience consciousness is often dubbed the “hard question of science.”  Our brains contain 100 billion neurons wired into 100 trillion connections, creating an essentially infinite number of patterns of possible activity. Combine that with the quantum revelation that neurons themselves do not exist in the material form we perceive, and it should come as no surprise that modern science regards the mystery of the origin of consciousness as likely unsolvable.

But each of us has the innate human experience of consciousness. We understand that we feel love. And we can observe the infinite thoughts that arise in our minds. Yet, the study of biochemical and neural activity leaves us without answers about why we are conscious of such feelings and thoughts.

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Reality Is Not What it Seems

Quantum psychologist Donald Hoffman theorizes that our search efforts may always be in vain—unless we change our starting point. Quantum mechanics now informs us that we do not see the true nature of reality, but rather a set of dependent perceptions. Using our perceptual lenses, we have discovered matter, space and time, only to have the very concepts reduced to mere perceptions of brain activity and neurons, which are in turn mere perceptions.

These perceptual lenses have guided our survival and adaptation to reality on a macroscopic, utilitarian scale, but fail to identify the origin of our conscious experiences. Hoffman suggests they always will, unless we start with consciousness and work “backwards.”

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Is Consciousness the New Starting Point?

In support, Hoffman proposes an “Interface Theory of Perception,” likening our perception of reality to the operating system and icons on a computer desktop. To summarize, OS mechanisms and desktop icons give us access to a computer’s data—the true reality—but are nothing like that reality. Instead, they are specific hacks, allowing us to navigate reality via manageable tools.

We become more adept by developing better access tools, not by making our interface (evolutionarily adaptive traits) closer to the the zeros and ones that constitute the truth of that reality.

By using tools that assist navigation, even tools as sophisticated as quantum mechanics, we make no headway into understanding the underlying reality. Hoffman suggests we start with reality and work our way back to understanding the desktop. If we can grasp that reality first, we can utilize the interface better.

That reality is consciousness.

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We know we feel love. And we know we think thoughts, even if we do not know why. Hoffman dubs this understanding “conscious realism,” an understanding of reality outside of the constraints posed by attempting to understand reality through our adaptively created interfaces.

If he is correct, we could change everything by making our consciousness the starting point. And NuMundo is leading from that understanding.

NuMundo: Consciousness-First, Transformational Travel Experiences

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My exploration of my own consciousness, perhaps not coincidentally, led me to NuMundo. The online platform links a global network of physical “impact centers,” where visitors experience the paradigm-shifting power of transformational travel through sustainable and holistic living, cultural education, community stewardship, environmental regeneration, permaculture, yoga, and conscious awakening.

NuMundo embodies decentralized authority and a post-capitalist socioeconomic philosophy. It operates from an understanding that our individual and collective unconscious conditioning has led us to the brink of destroying our environment—and ourselves.

It is NuMundo’s mission to facilitate the transformation of individuals and the world through the deconditioning and unlearning of maladaptive interface viruses, which the conscious awakening of a critical mass of individuals can remedy.

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How NuMundo Will Facilitate the Revolution

For NuMundo, necessary change comes not through typical means of shoving a square peg in a round hole, but rather forsaking the very concepts of squares, circles, pegs and holes in favor of an entirely new paradigm.

Hoffman’s theory proposes that this paradigm start from consciousness.

NuMundo could not agree more.

And it welcomes anyone willing to question their reality to become heroes in the revolution of consciousness.

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Want to know more about NuMundo and start your own consciousness revolution? Check out our mission-aligned centers here, and our transformational experiences here.