Step into the Journey Portal.

Take a seat on the woven straw mat. Smell the palo santo burning, and smile to the person next to you.

Pick up a flower from the altar, and notice its fragrance. Look up at the posters hanging on the information board: surfing, farming, meditation. Did you ever imagine doing those things?

The person next to you asks, “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

As this question melts into your consciousness, you overhear conversation about intentional communities in Colombia, yoga teacher trainings in India, and natural building courses in Guatemala.

Your heart beats faster. Your mind starts to imagine. The universe begins to conspire.

Welcome to the NuMundo Journey Portal, a taste of the NuMundo network in real life.

numundo journey portal, networking lounge, cosmic convergence festival

Every year, the Journey Portal creates a space for heart opening interactions and educational workshops at Cosmic Convergence Festival. Surrounded by several information booths for NuMundo Impact Centers and the NuMundo Networking Lounge, it is an interactive space for learning and connecting.

Especially in the festival scene, a high-energy environment that mixes so many sounds, art forms and expressions, the Journey Portal serves as a designated space to explore travel, education and work opportunities around the world.

Many travellers are seeking their next step, whether they know it or not. They use Cosmic Convergence as a launching board to meet the right person, group, or place that sparks their passion and wanderlust.

The NuMundo Networking Lounge is the space where it all comes together.

cosmic convergence festival, numundo, journey portal

The opportunity to dance into the night and connect with interesting artists and travellers was calling me back to Guatemala. I had no doubts about returning to this charged and rich land of culture, cacao, and breathtaking nature. I had been to Cosmic Convergence before, but simply as a participant—exploring unique workshops, exploring the dance floor, exploring myself.

Cosmic creates space and context for special interactions and transformational moments. NuMundo strives to connect people to environments like this where growth is ripe to happen.

This time, being a co-creator of the Journey Portal was an amazing opportunity to hold space and facilitate deep connections between engaging  people and amazing land-based projects.

Working with NuMundo has offered a unique perspective into the way that the world is changing right now. As often as we are bombarded with news about violence, earthquakes, and terrible presidents, a new tree is planted, a cob home built, a community meal shared, a new skill learned, an ancient connection remembered.

These are small but significant strides forward for individuals—and for our collective future.

We are moving forward with an army of changemakers who are inspired to act in the world with more care and respect for mother earth, our human family, and our non-human kin.


numundo journey portal, cosmic convergence festival, transformational travel

It is my deepest honor to create the space for regenerative land-based projects and communities to share their amazing work. It is my honor to help facilitate connections with changemakers, established or fledgling, who will take what they learned and spread it far and wide. Working at Cosmic Convergence, I was able to co-create that space in real life—to look into the eyes of people who surf the directory I help put together, ask the questions that really get people thinking about change, and hear their stories.

That was the real stuff!

People stopped in throughout the festival to explore different travel opportunities hosted on NuMundo, from intentional communities in Nicaragua to indigenous wisdom courses in Guatemala and permaculture farms in Costa Rica. Flyers, maps and stickers from Centers all over Central and South America littered the “wall” we had flying.

journey portal, cosmic convergence, numundo, cryptocurrency, transformational festival

Our information center quickly filled up with meaningful happenings and extraordinary opportunities for people to explore. NuMundo Ambassadors were eager to engage people with ideas and inspirations about how they could make the biggest impact with their travel. People joined workshops and found themselves in meaningful conversation:

Where do you want to go next? What are you eager to learn? What is your unique skill, and how can you share it?

Every year, the NuMundo Journey Portal is a unique space where people can dream big about their next adventure and ground that into existence.

numundo, tribal technology, transformational festival

The Journey Portal experience was wildly fun and continues to inspire how I give my service to the NuMundo network, digital nomad lifestyle and land project participation.

If you were there, thank you!




Ready to plant seeds of transformation in your life? Look for the NuMundo team, stage, or Journey Portal at a festival near you. Up next: Envision!