We invite you on a life-changing journey through our network.

If you’re planning to be in Central America this winter, whether it’s for an upcoming festival such as Cosmic Convergence, Envision Festival, or Geoparadise – Tribal Gathering, or for a quick escape from Northern winter, we’re ready to journey with you.

Guatemala, the land of eterna primavera (eternal spring), was the first Latin American country I visited. Ultimately, it captured me for over five years, and opened my awareness to the many levels of reality.

Guatemala is a land where the past, present, and future coexist in a turbulent equilibrium, imbued with the colorful vibrations of indigenous ancestral traditions. As the inexorable march of global progress pushes forward, Guatemala helps me place my own life into stark perspective. Through my experiences there, I discovered the infinite potential that unfolds when I let go of judgment and ego, and open to the multidimensional teachings that life continuously offers up to us, if only we let them in.

Transmitted through the centuries, here the connection to cultural tradition and to the Earth remains powerfully unbroken.


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, of which author Alduous Huxley proclaimed “touches on the limit of permissibly picturesque”

Celestial shafts of translucent light dubbed Brazos of Dios (arms of God) pierce through the heavens and illuminate mist-shrouded prehistoric cloud forests. The experiences this country has given me are forever tattooed in my consciousness. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala’s crown jewel, is only half-way on earth; A crater lake located 1500 meters above sea level and encircled by volcanoes (some of them active), the sensation of being there is difficult to describe using any language that I know. Poet Aldous Huxley described it as “too much of a good thing.”

Tremors and vibrations are constant reminders that the earth is alive beneath your feet.

One day, managing a group of North American volunteers on the farm where I sprouted the seed of NuMundo (then called Project Nuevo Mundo), I was observing a young man freshly arrived from New York City. Watching him was like watching a hamster scamper as fast as he physically could, while simultaneously becoming aware of the wheel he was spinning while he remained in place. After three days, he stepped off the wheel, took a deep breath, and scratched his head.

He was trying so hard to do, but he didn’t know what to do. Witnessing and supporting the process of deceleration and transformation from doing into being became a fulfilling activity of mine.

My travels in this mysterious land deeply and permanently transformed my being. With this in mind, the NuMundo team and I have created “The Journey,” a three-month path of transformational travel throughout Central America, filled with magic, culture and adventure. The Journey begins at Lake Atitlan in December, and ends in Costa Rice at the end of February, traveling to some of the most naturally beautiful and culturally immersive places on the isthmus:

1. Cosmic Convergence Festival

Cosmic convergence Festival 2015-2016 from Cosmic Convergence on Vimeo.

The Journey begins at Cosmic Convergence Festival, an annual non-profit fundraiser event that takes place from 29 December to 1 January on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The gathering incorporates art, music, education for conscious living, and Mayan culture & traditions. It is a convergence of past, present, and future, envisioning the emerging paradigm of a techno-tribal society. Its blend of cultural influences make Cosmic completely unique on the festival scene. It exposes attendees to ancestral and post-industrial ways of living in order to provoke a shift in consciousness, allowing us to rethink what lifestyles are possible and “advanced” in modern society.

In addition to traditional Mayan ceremonies and cultural activities, Cosmic Convergence features an incredible line-up of international artists such as Matanza (Chile), Vibrasphere (Sweden), Whitebear (Australia), Kaya Project (UK), Barrio Lindo (Argentina) Birds of Paradise (USA), and Psysex (Israel).

Cosmic Convergence attendees hail from over 70 countries, making it a truly international festival unlike any other. To learn more about Cosmic Convergence, you can read this interview with me, one of the three co-founders.

Be sure to check out NuMundo’s “Journey Portal” inside Cosmic Convergence—a space where you can explore the questions of “Where Next?” and “What Now?” that so often come up during schedule-free traveling. It’s a gateway of connection to NuMundo’s network of regional “Impact Centers,” and a place where you can find out about volunteer spots, workshops, retreats and work-trades in the local area. This experimental space will host tables and workshops presented by local impact centers including the Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute (IMAP), CONSORCIO, Fungi Academy, Atitlan Organics, Mystical Yoga Farm, Firefly Gardens, Maya Traditions, and more. 

NuMundo, Envision festival, community, transformation, journey

Networking at the NuMundo space inside Envision Festival 2016

Throughout the festival, ongoing networking events are designed to connect you to amazing folks in our network, and will further weave you into our community. NuMundo will also be offering free 1-on-1 pathfinder consultations: personalized travel advise from our experienced globetrotting team. To lubricate conversation, the Hippy Zippy Elixir Bar, hosted by NuMundo’s own ambassador network manager, will be serving local superfood beverages such as cacao, chia, ramon nut, and moringa.

Where to from here?

Well…Throughout January, Cosmic Convergence and NuMundo have partnered to co-produce a series of events in Guatemala to enhance your migratory journey through this fascinating isthmus.

2. Post-festival volunteering

The true spirit of Cosmic Convergence is service and cultural exchange. So, post-festival we work on a project in solidarity with the local community. Each year, volunteers recycle and up-cycle festival materials to create projects in the local area. Several years ago, volunteers teamed up with teachers, students, and local permaculturists from IMAP to create a school garden symbolizing the energies of the Mayan calendar. The year after that, an international build crew created an artistic earth bench for the students of a local school, designed to help take the classroom outdoors!

cosmic convergence, volunteer, journey

Festival volunteers mix with schoolteachers and students at Cosmic Convergence’s 2016 Impact Day

3. Natural Building & Permaculture Course

Shouting distance away from the Cosmic Convergence grounds, Firefly Gardens is teaming up with NuMundo and Cosmic Convergence to host an “Introduction To Natural Building and Permaculture” course on 2-4 January. You can extend your stay between the beautiful volcanoes of Santiago Atitlan, whilst deepening your knowledge of sustainable human settlements.

permaculture, natural building, journey, guatemala

An introduction to Permaculture and Natural Building – 2-4 January

4. Lakeside Acro Yoga Retreat

Right across Lake Atitlan, from 3-8 January Eagle’s Retreats is hosting Acroyoga Retreat : “Dream your Flow” – a magical convergence of international acrobatic & yogic spirits.  Experience liberation from our busy minds into the limitless land of creativity – the scary space between the known and unknown.  AcroYoga binds us to the values and spaces that make us more deeply human, and teaches us to embody and integrate what we learn.


5. Cacao Convergence

The Journey peaks with the Cacao Convergence from 12-16 January just outside the surreal cascading waterfalls of Semuc Champey, at the budding Tuq’tu’quilal Center for Regenerative Agriculture.

journey, guatemala

Semuc Champey from above

Cacao Convergence is a chocolate-lover’s dream. For four days, participants will dive into chocolate culture, experiencing ceremony, exploring local cacao farms, learning about the fermentation and processing of cacao, and eating/drinking this ancient mood elevator in many forms. The event is intended to serve as a catalyst to grow a new Impact Center at the property, which has been stewarded by Cosmic Convergence founders and NuMundo ambassadors, aspiring to ground the energy of the new world in a permanent physical location in the Guatemalan cloud forest. Space is very limited and the event will reach capacity. Reserve your space here and be a part of the magic.

Cacao Convergence, journey, guatemala

Cacao Convergence – 12-16 January 2017

If you are seeking more personalized guidance to plan your journey, our pathfinder program is designed to support your transformational process and match you to the experience that fulfills your purpose. We combine life-coaching with expert knowledge gained through years spent in Central America. You can connect with one of our pathfinders today.

6. NuSeed – A Transformational Leadership Retreat

Finally, if you find yourself lingering through January, head over to Costa Rica for NuSeed—a transformational leadership retreat set in the heart of the jungle. NuSeed takes place on 17-21 February at Verdenergia, immediately before Envision Festival. During this life-changing week, you can discover your path, align passion with purpose, and take steps toward achieving your life goals. NuSeed is designed to set you on the road towards self-realization, and connect you to real opportunities to personal and professional growth in Costa Rica and beyond. The seed is the beginning, and needs the right nutrients to nurture a new life. We hope you will join us.

Be sure to secure your spot, these events fill fast! Each of the events above are available for booking right now!  Check out The Journey profile, and follow these links for tickets to Cosmic Convergence, Dream Your Flow: Acro Yoga Retreat, Cacao Convergence, Pathfinder Sessions and NuSeed!

nuseed, gathering, journey, jungle

NuSeed Gathering Costa Rica – 17-21 February

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