Photo: Bioneers

For over 25 years, the Bioneers Conference has been inspiring and activating thousands of change-makers. This incredible event near San Francisco unites a diverse range of ages to take part in a packed weekend of workshopping, critical thinking and intimately connecting with other leaders tackling our most pressing environmental and social challenges.

NuMundo is extremely proud to be a featured partner this year, and we want you to be there learning with us…We are honored to announce that the amazing folk at Bioneers have allowed us to sell half price tickets to their event, meaning knowledge, empowerment and inspiration are even more accessible to our community! Here’s a link to the booking page.numundo-facebook-bioneers_sale

Through a weekend of radical art, music, networking, participation and deeply empowering speeches, the 2016 Bioneers Conference is NOT to be missed.  

Here’s why:

  1. Learn something new– This year’s themes are hot-topics you’ll want to be clued in on. Bioneers have chosen to focus on biomimicry, gender equity and climate stewardship, and leaders in these fields will be sharing their knowledge all weekend.

  2. Impermanent Earth Art – Explore mesmerizing Earth Altars built by artist Day Schildkret, who forages found materials from the local landscape to create his intricate art. Day travels the world giving workshops on Mandala making and creating large-scale art installations for festivals. Take a peek at some of his beautiful creations. You’ll never see the forest floor the same way again!


  3. Elevating the Feminine – The Everywoman’s Leadership track at the conference is full of amazing programming this year! Don’t miss a power-packed panel of women leaders including Joan Blades, Kimberle Crenshaw, Betsy Mckinney and Jessica Neuwirth, who will lead a talk on “How To Elevate The Feminine”.

    Photo: Zoe Urness

    Photo: Zoe Urness

  4. Gender Equity and Reconcilliation – Keynote speakers Will and Cynthia of the Satyana Institute bring us method of healing designed to treat the deep wounds that gender, sexuality and intimacy leave in many people’s lives.  They will share a practice they have been developing for 24 years and have introduced in 9 countries, aimed at confronting gender disharmony across sexual orientations and communities.
  5. Yoga & Movement – Refresh your body and mind with a special yoga or embodiment session. All sessions will be lead outdoors with a view of the Wetlands, giving you space to breathe, smile, and integrate your weekend.


    Photo: Bioneers

  6. Maps, Magic and Medicine in the Amazon – Mark Plotkin is an groundbreaking ethnobotanist who has worked to protect uncontacted tribes in the Northwest Amazon and preserve their knowledge. He’ll tell stories of his organization ACT’s work with over 30 tribes in their fight to protect 70million acres of ancestral forest.


    Photo: Bioneers

  7. Visionary Rhymes from a young Eco-Warriors – Itzcuauhtli and Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez are 13-yr and 15yr old rap-artist brothers, environmentalists and eco-activists of the Earth Guardians collective. This highly gifted duo perform skillful, eco-themed lyricism, inspired by their Aztec roots and their activist mother. Watch them wow the crowds this weekend in a special performance. 


    Photo: earthguardians.org

  8. Clean Energy For All – Danny Kennedy, founder of Sungevity and Managing Director of the California Clean Energy Fund, will share his wisdom from decades as an activist and entrepreneur fighting for an energy transition. He’ll present a practical vision for creating access to clean energy for all classes, cultures and countries in a decentralized, democratized system.


  9. Saturday Night Dance Party with J*Labs – Celebrate with new friends at an amazing, high-energy dance party on Saturday night. This year features renowned female DJ J*Labs, famous on the festival circuit for her genre-mixing, multi-instrumental talent and high-vibe beats. 

  10. Building a Vibrant Green Economy – Hear Vien Troung, director of Green For All and an expert panel envision solutions to building a thriving green economy. They’ll discuss how we can rapidly scale-up green technology, investment, business and infrastructure to make huge change, fast.

    Photo: SF Gate

    Leave with tools to become an activated earth warrior. Make invaluable relationships with leaders at the front-line of change.
    There are so many reasons to play with us at Bioneers this year.
    We hope to see you there!