As American women, we really do have a lot of freedoms that women in many parts of the world don’t yet have. We have freedom to dress the way we want and travel wherever we want to go. We have freedom to express ourselves artistically and politically, equal opportunity to work in almost any field. We might even have a female president within the next year.

Shayna Gladstone expressing herself at Foreverland Festival in California.

Shayna Gladstone expressing herself at Foreverland Festival in California.

We’ve come a long way, but we can’t stop here. We might be standing side by side with men, but it’s not true balance because the roles we’re standing in are defined by a world based on half-truths created through the lens of a male-dominant world.

It’s not hard to see that society at large is still pretty wacked. The American culture is largely constructed from a misaligned energy of power, competition and dominance. And for the most part, we women are still buying into skewed images.

In most areas we’ve had to become like men in order to co-exist, or in many cases compete. Either that or we try to be the dominatrix sex objects we collectively imagine in some fantasy world so we’ll get noticed.

In much of our society, the womb is still treated as a hindrance to productivity and progress – the menses, pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding, raising the children. We try to minimize them so they don’t get in the way.

Really? Where is the soul of the woman? How is our collective sacred feminine soul showing up in this country? In the world?

A silhouette of a happy girl outside picking wild flowers in the meadow at sunset.

A silhouette of a happy girl outside picking wild flowers in the meadow at sunset.

Well, it’s not all bad. We’re just at a mid-way point in an evolution that is necessary to bring balance and harmony between the male and female energies, and this has to play out if we want to bring healing to the planet. As we know, the world is in desperate need of healing.

The Dalai Lama said “The world will be saved by the western women.” That’s us, women. We have the freedom, and we have the power. But it’s not the mustered up power from our masculine side that’s needed. It’s the true feminine strength.

So, what do we need to realize the truth of the sacred feminine power within ourselves? For starters, we need to heal the misperceptions built on images of skewed masculine power and break the molds we’ve grown into. We need to access and awaken the true sacred feminine energy and let it empower us from within!

 Free woman enjoying freedom feeling happy at beach at sunset

Free woman enjoying freedom feeling happy at beach at sunset

Here are 5 Keys that can help us recognize the gifts unique to the woman that are needed to bring balance, harmony and healing to the world:


  • We need to embrace our feminine qualities, such as feelings and sensitivity. Feelings do not make us weak. There is incredible strength and power in the vulnerability of allowing ourselves to feel. Only when we stop denying our sensitivity can we develop the emotional maturity needed to bring connection and compassion into the world. These qualities are keys to healing.
  • We need to bring our true feminine nature into the roles we hold in society, even those defined by the male-dominant world. The woman is by nature instinctual and nurturing. We do not need to deny our innate gifts while meeting our male or female counterparts from behind a masculine front. When we do this, we muster a strength from the ego self to compensate for the lack of permission to be our natural selves. The energy it takes to sustain that position is draining. We’re suppressing our true strength and siphoning off our power. Only when we bring our true nature to the world as equally significant to the masculine qualities can the world begin to heal.
  • We can show up as our true selves and be accepted. We don’t have to look or feel as the dominatrix sex object, the damsel in distress, the tough brainiac or any other of the painted roles to find our place in the world. We are we – each unique yet equally powerful! It’s time to know and love ourselves and the truth of who we are as women and as individuals.
  • Every human carries a connection to Spirit, an intuitive mind, a unique individuality, a compassionate heart, a strong will power, a creative life force, and wisdom from the Mother Earth. As women we have a natural attunement to the subtleties that makes it easier for us to balance and harmonize our centers to align with the Great Spirit and Great Mother. When the inner stars align, what emerges is a power and strength that is waiting to be birthed from within us. The world is in dire need of this healing power!
  • Know the sacred power of the womb. Your womb is a sacred life center. It is a bridge between the worlds of spirit and earth – not a hindrance, but a miracle. Your womb is a doorway through which the breath of Spirit enters into a physical body and is born into this material realm. Only the woman can bridge these worlds. It’s imperative for us to heal the womb, to clear the shame, victimhood and all the ancestral garbage we carry there. It’s time we connect to this sacred portal to access and bring forth the true power of the feminine into the material world.

We as women owe it to ourselves and our world to regain our embodiment of the feminine and bring it into every role we carry in society. The world needs our true feminine essence – the wisdom we carry in our bodies and hearts, our innate connection to earth and spirit – in order to have balance, unity and true healing.

This transformation has been centuries in the making, and it must continue. The next step is for women to reclaim the feminine power to embody the sacred essence only a woman can contain.   The time is now. The torch has been passed on to us. Are you ready to take this step?

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