Every few months, our NuMundo family of digital nomads and internationally based self-starters gathers together in the same geographical location for a work, play and bonding session. This season, the 22k we raised (thanks to our amazing donors) will allow us to come together for the month of March at Finca Morpho Permaculture Farm in the OSA Peninsula of Costa Rica to further develop NuMundo and strengthen our team’s bond.


One of our work retreats in Lanquin, Guatemala, visioning and dreaming!

One of our work retreats in Lanquin, Guatemala, visioning and dreaming!

One of our work retreats in Lanquin, Guatemala! Meeting time!

But first…we will be bringing some of our live, interactive social networking experiences to Envision Festival! Visit us at the Eco Hub to join our 3 open space networking sessions from 4pm-6pm facilitated by Bryan Arturo and Kenan Aldana, engage with our NuMundo Networking Board by creating a “mailbox” for your organization and come back at the end of the festival to see what new connections you have made. Finally, on Thursday, join in on our 7th Networking the Transformational Ecosystem to meet some of the most exciting organizations in the transformational ecosystem.










We co-design our work retreats to foster a holistic co-work environment full of activities that each of us will lead and field trips like yoga, sharing circles, dreaming circles and other heart-opening, bonding activities, farm work or hiking mixed in with a hefty meeting schedule while our technology team is coding away.
We feel that we are innovating the way companies work together which honors the social dynamics and culture as much as the business planning, development and strategy. We find a longevity and passion that feels resilient.


Plus, I love it when my office looks like this:


Our team places very high value on embodying our mission through living the lifestyle that we promote. As we strengthen our company culture, we strengthen the integrity of our mission and the bond between our teammates. We we prefer that our systematic goals be met slower with a higher quality of team cohesiveness and well oiled communication between us.
Although strengthening our roots as a family is important, we have some really exciting tangible goals set for the development of NuMundo. Our overarching goal is to develop the next core functions and features of the platform together as a team at an Impact Center while receiving real time center feedback, to become a sustainable business, build revenue generation into the platform and decide on and develop business models.


So, I’m sure you’re wondering, what are the core features and functions we plan to code in Costa Rica?

Well, as most of you know…                                                             Opportunity pages

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The journey of participating in a remote team of passionate, kind and driven people for the past 3 years has been a DREAM. The high-caliber of expertise that has gathered around this mission is unbelievable and if it wasn’t for the continued support of our followers and co-creators of this new world, we would not still be going after almost 4 years. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our journey down to Costa Rica! Pura Vida!