Partaking in the abundance

Sharing abundance

By Giulia Garofalo

We stand knowing that to respond to our present global situation, a radical shift in consciousness is our key to meet an ecological age. We are here to assist in bringing this about by untangling present systems and patterns. We are driven forth by passion, and guided through with vision and patient perseverance. We are a family of five. Sprouted on Italian soil, and after moving through a tumbling series of many events in each of our individual lives; we now meet again. The setting: an ecstatic Jungle. It is waking up to the song of the birds. It is observing in fascination the dense intricacy and dazzling vitality of nature. It is bananas, papayas, avocados, cashews, coco yams and cacao. It is the magnetic abundance that it has always been; and now we find ourselves deeply integrating into its richness.

Sattva Land is a Wholistic Healing & Learning Centre. Our pentagonal foundation strives to demonstrate a model of elegant simplicity that fosters resilience and regeneration. It’s important to us to enhance the element of Beauty, as an honoring to the constant, cyclical, creative force that moves through us. This foundation, coupled with systemic Permaculture principles, is forming a well-balanced framework for the elemental flow of our land and community.

As founders of the project, each of us offer plenty. Clauco, the oldest of three siblings, self-identifies as a perma-carpenter. He is both an agroforestry enthusiast and a carpentry wizard. A fertile hardwood haven supplies both of his practices. His practical skills have set solid foundations for the evolution of this project. Giulia, the youngest sibling, loves to follow her curiosity into the depth, texture and composition of the living soil. She carries this alchemical relationship over into the kitchen where finely balanced meals are lovingly prepared. Her exploration of nutrient cycles allow her to create reflections that support interconnection and other values of deep ecology. 



Gloria, the middle of the three, is focused on transformation through somatic work. Seeing the body as a map, she designs and facilitates movement practices that allow individuals to deeply understand their own selves and align this truth with the evolution of their own consciousness.

Mother to Daughter - continuing the tradition

Mother to Daughter – continuing the tradition

Our parents have supported this co-creation immensely and our gratitude to them is forever expanding. Our mother, Pina, persistently beats the rhythm of life by nourishing this community with a delicious and nutritious blend of traditional Italian gustos and plant-based whole foods. Her eye for fine-tuned delicacy is clearly traced throughout our culinary designs. Our father, Carmine, assists the project with the innovative technical expertise of an engineer, while carrying a macrocosmic perspective that enables us to frequently engage with the absolute mission of our collective dreaming. The bull’s eye rarely fades from his sight.


Together, we find ourselves in a self-organizing system where each part is so essential for the functionality of the whole… yet the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Into the temple

Into the temple

The untangling process has been one of pursuit, surrender, observance and courage. And more pursuit, and more surrender, and more observance, and more courage. It’s a cycle we feel on a personal level, and one that coils us into one unit. The beautiful thing is that no matter what waves and rhythms are presented to us, there is nothing that a shared meal and good bottle of wine can’t resolve. As a family, we are harnessing our blessing of unity and going forth with trust. It’s our desire to share this magical space and time with those who seek a meaningful and catalyzing experience.

Now, as we collaborate with the flourishing connective platform that NuMundo offers, we are completely invigorated to strengthen and lead the global vision of  “individual transformation and planetary regeneration.” Our donation to NuMundo was a one-week Wholistic Immersion Retreat. It’s an opportunity to taste a multi-generational dynamic that is actively living the emergent processes of the present and the shaping of the future. The mystique of the Land is reminding us of the integral earth community that offers all its wisdom and pulls it from within us. And as we are shown, we open an invitation to share this bliss in company. Let’s untangle. For more information participating in Sattva’s courses and projects visit –