In the last five days since the earthquake, all of Nepal has been shaken by the extremes we’ve witnessed. The death toll has now passed 5,000, and aftershocks continue, keeping most sleeping out of doors, with limited resources, and pre-monsoon rains pouring down. Now is a critical time to help Nepal respond to this crisis.

Woman says “Ke garne?” which means “what to do?” with her families nearly destroyed house in the background. Photo by Brandon Bodhi Denton

It is hard to know where you can send money to help the relief in an effective way. There are now many organizations, and people on the ground doing everything they can to help, but one organization cannot reach all the people in need, so it is important to give as much as you can, to as many different relief operations as possible.

Minutes after the first earthquake, a family in Bandipur, Nepal waits to hear if their family is safe. Photo by Brandon Bodhi Denton

Here is a list of 10 trusted non-profit and community led relief operations helping communities in Nepal:

  1. AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) is a global and local organization who have responded immediately to provide emergency shelter, clean water, sanitation and food supplies in and around Kathmandu.
  2. Ram and Basu are two local Nepalis who have immediately jumped into action getting emergency supplies to rural communities which have been devastated who are not yet receiving any government or non-government aid. These supplies include tarps, tents, blankets, food, cooking supplies, and more. They are receiving funds through
  3. Nepal Education Support Trust and the founder Purna Kumar Shrestha is raising funds to deliver emergency relief supplies in Sindhupalchok and Makawanpur districts. Here is a more detailed article by Purna:
  1. Citta is a non-profit organization providing medical relief and rebuilding support in Kathmandu and Gorkha District. Their team is already on the ground in rural villages in Gorkha which have been completely flattened by the quake.
  1. Doctors Without Borders is actively treating injured people and taking donations in Gorkha district, but they have given the message that: “We have sent 8 teams to respond to the urgent medical needs in Nepal. Until we have more visibility on the scope of our response, we cannot accept donations restricted only to the earthquake in Nepal.”
  2. Kopila-Nepal is a non-profit organization which is providing psychological treatment to earthquake victims in Kathmandu. To find out more about them visit their website: but the only way to get money to them is by wire transfer to their account with the information below:
S,N Name of Banks A/c Number Bank Address Swift Code
1 Standard chartered Bank ltd. 01–0326984-01 Lakeside,Pokhara SCBLNPKA


  1. Global Giving has created a campaign to raise one million for Nepal’s recovery. Initially, the fund will help first responders meet survivors’ immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter. Once initial relief work is complete, this fund will transition to support longer-term recovery efforts run by local, vetted local organizations.
  1. The PermaculTourism Initiative in Nepal is recieving funds for long-term rebuilding efforts using primarily natural building techniques and earthquake resilient design principles. These funds will not take effect in the first response phase, but only in later efforts to repair and rebuild homes in the future months.
  2. Transparent Direct Nepal 2015 Earthquake Relief is receiving funds for tents, water purification systems, solar power systems, solar powered LED lighting, surgical masks, and medicines.

Brothers Prakash and Prashant give a beaming smile and “Namaste”, as it the typical way of greeting in Nepal. Photo by Brandon Bodhi Denton

  1. Pray and Smile! Just as the people of Nepal continue to smile in this disaster, it’s important that we too continue to be positive and optimistic. Positive energy is contagious. Sharing success stories and uplifting quotes will help all to discover the light within this tragedy. Prayers and love sent to these affected areas will bring more help, strength and universal support their way.

In all of this tragedy and mayhem, Nepal still maintains it’s spirit of peace, hopefulness and resilience. In the last four days I’ve witnessed some of the most beautiful unity between people in my life. The first night after the quake I slept huddled with a family of 15 in their garden, and the mother even tucked me in. Though this is the greatest tragedy the country has seen in lifetimes, still people are smiling and carrying on with their customs and dances. As I’m writing this I can hear the cheerful shouts and music in the village, where most peoples homes have been damaged if not destroyed. Still Nepal continues to be a light to the world, even in their darkest time. The people of Nepal cannot predict the challenges they will face in the months to come, but still from what I’ve witnessed, they are optimistic.

Please think of Nepal with a great sense of positivity and hope. Let the story be, not of foreign aid of “those poor people”, but of how these people have immediately responded by banding together to help each other recover from such a traumatic event. That has been my experience thus far. Please give all that you can to help the people of Nepal at the most critical time.