Zach Towne-Smith at Konojel Nutrition Center in San Marcos, Guatemala

Our friends at the Earth Rights Institute Living Lab are offering a (at your own pace) 20-hour online course, Become a Leader in Sustainable Development and we are excited to offer a limited amount of 50% off registrations ($49 after discount) for this game-changing course. This article will introduce you to the coursework and exactly what you can expect if you choose to participate in this amazing opportunity to incubate your personal journey as an emerging leader in Sustainable Development. Contact shayna (at) for the 50% off discount code and put Sustainable Development Course in the subject line.

This is an online course for those who want to eventually become pioneering leaders in the sustainable development movement. We clarify the objectives, purpose, and goals of the sustainability movement so that you can prepare yourself to become a change maker. This course helps you to realize your potential to be a catalyst for change and to thrive in the complexities of the world we live in today. Learn how to define sustainable development, what policies and agendas are influencing sustainability worldwide, how to engage locally and globally in implementing sustainable development, in what ways communities, organizations, and individuals achieve sustainability, and what methods and systems can be used to implement change. Through sharing our relationships with local NGOs, we provide the tools and resources for an emerging generation of leaders to engage in sustainability and social justice at the grassroots level.

The course is taught by Zach Towne-Smith, a Harvard graduate and co-founder of many Central American organizations, and Annie Goeke, Earth Rights Institute co-founder, UN NGO delegate, and leader in sustainable community building worldwide for over 30 years. The course includes creative exercises, information on existing campaigns (UN Millennium Development Goals and The Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development), informative and virtual observations demonstrating engagement with local Mayan communities using Holistic Action Planning for Innovation methodology. This course is designed by Imagitlan, a Guatemalan Non-Profit association, to research multiple perspectives, create collaborative solutions to shared needs, and develop a robust action plan including prototyping and evaluation. We use collaborative methodologies that help facilitate intercultural exchanges in the design of solutions for the specific needs of these communities. This course is a prerequisite to our Sustainable Development Cultural Immersion Program in Guatemala, one of Earth Rights Institute’s Living Lab programs.

The course includes: comprehensive information on UN MDGs for 2015 and post-2015 discussions, The Campaign for People’s Goals (platform for the Sustainable Development Goals); creative workshops; virtual observation of our Holistic Action Planning for Innovation (HAPI) methodology being implemented in Mayan communities; the opportunity to follow the solutions implemented over 6 months

Taking this course will empower you to build your leadership skills and to be independently proficient in advancing the sustainability movements on local and global levels. Become a change maker dedicated to instituting a movement of inspiration and leadership.


Some of Zach’s students and friends at Konojel Nutrition Center in San Marcos, Guatemala

 Contact shayna (at) for the 50% off discount code to the course and put Sustainable Development Course in the subject line.