A collaborative, participatory, networking event hosted by Project Nuevo Mundo took place at EcoSystm, an eco-conscious coworking space in San Francisco this week. Over 40 leaders representing different exemplary organizations in the transformational enterprise community came and contributed their voice. It was a huge success.


Eco-systm is an eco-conscious coworking space with an artistic edge, complete with living, breathing plants in and outside the building, massive visionary art pieces, and collaborators rocking Burning Man attire. I realized I was in a different realm when the first coworker I saw was wearing a Desert Dwellers shirt. While coworking spaces are the new trend in the Bay area for collaboration catalyzation, Eco-systm has tapped into a unique market.  Naturally, it was the perfect venue for networking transformational partnerships among hyper-conscious tech startups, nonprofits, and event producers.



At 6 pm representatives and community members began arriving and exploring the unique environment. An hour of open interactivity warmed up the evening; as night crept in through the wall of windows of this second floor ”office”, the participants were ushered to a corner of the room where a projector screen and a 50 person seating booth became the venue for representatives to present their 3 minute pitch to the community. Six reps would present, then there was a 20 minute breakout session where those six reps sat at individual tables and hosted open conversation about their work.


Since most of the participants were also presenters, these open sessions were potent networking engagements. Everywhere I looked, people were exchanging email addresses, phone numbers, business cards, laughter, and hugs. When twenty minutes was up, it took a level of coercing to get people to depart from their juicy conversations in order to receive the next phase of 3 minute presenter downloads. There were three phases in the programming, but in the spirit of open source collaboration,  impromptu scheduling was required when the directors of Bioneers, Noomap, and The WellHouse showed up unexpectedly and ready to present (These ended up being some of my favorite presentations!).


Project Nuevo Mundo revealed for the first time their new social media platform that will connect its users with transformational travel experiences and social, cultural, and ecologically regenerative projects.  Keep your eye out for this new platform in addition to several others in our community who are changing the web game and what it means to network using the internet.  More on these developments soon.


Hearing these awesome companies rock their pitch back to back was an experience in and of itself. It really drove home how real the positive impact and new world is that our community has been building. The last open conversation exercise lasted until past ten o’clock,and when we were eventually inhabiting the sidewalk out front of the space, lots of presenters decided to migrate to a bar across the street where the new world infrastructure development continued. This is without a doubt the first of many similar events to come.

Below is a list of the presenters that you must check out. Join the movement!

Project Nuevo MundoTribal Convergence NetworkJUSTA, Yellow Seed,Empowerment Works, Bioneers, Noomap, Schools Without Borders, One World Summit SF, The Evolver Network, Mycelium School, YES!, Eco-Systm,Cosmic Convergence Festival, Grow Games Interactive (Seeds the Game),INanItah, KeyFrame Entertainment, Republic of Light, VillageCraftLiving Mandala, The WellHouse