Project Nuevo Mundo will be hosting the permaculture workshop area at Foreverland Music and Arts Festival next weekend, September 19-21 outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll be hosting the Sacred Spaces Village  zone and activating attendees with hands on permaculture workshops, ecology-centered panels and talks, and some engaging workshops on different aspects of our transitional culture’s current and future evolution. There will be a focus on addressing the drought in California including a history of why the crisis has come about and what attendees can do in their daily lives to engage in a regenerative solution.


There will be a space for attendees to transform into co-creative Earth stewards by connecting to our platform in physical space at our networking booth. The PNM team will be in full force engaging festival participants to activate their potential and step into a more graceful and harmonious lifestyle through the share economy, conscious nomadism, regenerative enterprise, whole systems design, and the principles of social and ecological permaculture. A lot of people are at transitional stages in their journey and are searching for something deeper. At Foreverland (as in the “real world”) we’re hosting the place to dive into deeper and more meaningful realms and cultivate our untapped human potential.

Together, we’re building a new world, so come play with us at Foreverland Festival and equip yourself with the skills to engage in the “Nuevo Mundo”

Use the promotional code “projectcosmic” for discounted tickets to the festival!