Returning to the Roots “Dyeing with Plants”
Project Nuevo Mundo`s  2013 Earth Odyssey Bus Caravan

After the long journey from San Diego, The Earth Odyssey caravan landed on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for two months to implement some incredibly regenerative projects. In collaboration with JUSTA and 22 permaculture specialists, we broke off into 3 teams and completed 3 projects with indigenous communities.

Project two on Lake Atitlan we call “Returning to the Roots”. A natural dye and medicinal garden, rocket-stove and rain water catchment system were installed at Kamajachel Women`s Artisan Cooperative in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan. Now, the indigenous women are practicing the art of natural dyeing for their incredible textiles while using the space as a sustainability learning and demonstration center for students and tours!

Check out this short film that highlights this project .
Filmed and edited by our media team, Republic of Light!


Returning to the Roots “Dyeing with Plants”- Project Nuevo Mundo Earth’s Odyssey – Vision 4 from Project Nuevo Mundo on Vimeo.