SPORACTION “Turning Sun into Food”
Project Nuevo Mundo`s  2013 Earth Odyssey Bus Caravan

After the long journey from San Diego, The Earth Odyssey caravan landed on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for two months to implement some incredibly regenerative projects. In collaboration with JUSTA and 22 permaculture specialists, we broke off into 3 teams and completed 3 projects with indigenous communities.

Project one on Lake Atitlan we call SPORACTION. An industrial sized solar dehydrator and solar oven were custom built at Konojel Nutrition Center, a place that feeds 80 free meals a day to malnourished Guatemalan families. Along with the installation of appropriate technology, the amazing team assisted the center with coming up with a business plan for “Solar Granola” and dried fruit to help keep the project growing. “A machine is only as good as it`s manual” the team says, so they designed a manual for the two new sustainable kitchen appliances as well!

Check out this short film that highlights this project .
Filmed and edited by our media team, Republic of Light!


SPORACTION “Transforming Sun into Food” – Project Nuevo Mundo Earth’s Odyssey – Vision 4 from Project Nuevo Mundo on Vimeo.