We just had an absolutely phenomenal day at our Earth Odyssey camp this past Sunday. It was possibly one of the most powerful and impactful highlights of the tour so far. We invited the campesinos (farmers) that were surrounding the land of our camp for a day of workshops on natural fertilizer, composting, blacksmithing, rocket-stoves, a bit of permaculture and a beautiful community lunch with all of them and all of us.


All 15 campesinos showed up and were completely engaged. One of them stood up during lunch to let us know how thankful he was for the new knowledge and that he would like to replicate the rocket stove and take it to his community to spread awareness of this appropriate technology!

Each farmer left with a fruit tree and the parts to build their own rocket stoves for the family. It was the most rewarding feeling to have the opportunity to empower local people (especially farmers) by providing them with tools and resources to make a shift in how their food is grown and prepared!