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In the spirit of unity, community and revolutionary visioning there is a very special retreat happening after Envision Festival this year in Costa Rica, from Feb. 27 to March 3rd. The Tribal Alliance Retreat, “A visionary leadership immersion” brings together a powerful blend of ceremonial rites of passage, community empowerment, growth edges of transformational culture, permaculture, natural building, leadership councils, integrative learning platforms, shamanic workshops, Sweat lodges, Qi Gong, Yoga and much much more. It includes a celebratory evening program, hosting nightly Ecstatic dance with amazing headliners : Kalya Scintilla, The Human Experience, Rising Appalachia & Digital Vagabond to name a few. The retreat hosts an integrated team of presenters including, wisdom keepers, sustainable experts, community builders, visionaries, elders, teachers and healers.

The Tribal Alliance retreat is beginning to seed and discuss how we can assist transformational festival culture in the direction of regenerative culture; from seeding eco-villages to building online technologies that can support our collective communities, to preserving, honoring and integrating indigenous wisdom into the containers of our gatherings. A main aspect to this retreat is how we can embody our visions as individuals and ground our projects as a collective, finding where the intersecting gears fit. This retreat truly blends the ancient and the modern, from ceremony to building infrastructure. All of this is available while simultaneously allowing participants to pass through their own initiatory process in a supportive container, on an already functioning, self-sustaining eco-community oasis.

The Tribal Alliance, is a new collective birthed in 2014, bringing together UNITRIBE (NYC / CA), TRIBAL COUNCIL (NC / ATL), AWAKEN the Gatherings (Tribal Convergence Network), Project Nuevo Mundo (Earth Odyssey), and Living Wisdom Retreats.

The Retreat also celebrates the newly formed mission & collective of Tribal Alliance, the completion of Project Nuevo Mundos 6 month Earth Odyssey and the birthing of Living Wisdom Retreats.

Check it out for yourself :

There is only space for 108 participants in this powerful immersion.