“We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature. We’ve lost our connection to ourselves.” — Andy Goldsworthy

There are many, many problems in the world, from world hunger to homelessness to climate change to animal extinction to war—and the list goes on.

The root of many of these issues can be solved by a mass lifestyle and awareness shift in those of us who “have it good.”

Just for a minute, think about the natural ecosystem. All living organisms in their original relationship are vital to the proper function and flow of a forest, garden, or ocean. The natural food chain. The relation of plants to animals. The relation of water to plants. The relation of nutrient rich soil to plants. And of course, the relation of the human-animal integrated into this precious ecosystem.

Our relationships with all living things, including ourselves, have come to the forefront of awareness in our society.

And so it is our personal responsibility to create better relations with every aspect of our lives. Let’s adopt the mindset that you, yes you, are a part of this ecosystem that promotes all life on earth.

We are water, we are air, we are fire and we are earth, literally. We are nature.

Thus to begin the creation of these right relations, each of us must come into harmony and in right relation with the world inside us and around us by “being the change.”

numundo, nature

It is a time of choice.

Do we want to continue living in fear of losing material possessions? Or do we want to live simply, adapt to thrive, and step out of our comfort zones to live life fuller and repair our relationships with the earth?

Are we driven enough by our personal responsibility to uphold humanity while living a beautiful, regenerative life in harmony with nature?

With NuMundo, we want to cultivate the transition into living in right relation to community, ourselves and the planet to inspire and empower individuals to integrate their everyday life with regenerative relationships.

Will you join us?