Kamajachel is community of women in Panajachel, Guatemala who wish to bring back and to preserve the ancient practice of natural dyes in order to color the textiles that decorate the diverse pieces that decorate the bodies of many including native people, tourists and others who admire this intricate art of dyeing and weaving.

This project supported by Project Nuevo Mundo‘s Earth Odyssey and JUSTA is meant to implement a natural dye garden that opens the doors to visitors and to serve as an educational experience for those who come to witness the process of picking the fresh plants and then “cooking with colors” to bring weaved traditional clothing to life. Guided tours of the garden will serve the women as a way to empower themselves with an added source of income and financial independence.


Goals of Project:

  • To Identify the needs of the women
  • To educate the next generations
  • Develop a long term management strategy of regenerative model
  • To establish a local group to carry on the vision
  • Maximize space on site

Benefits For The Women:

  • Implementing a Regenerative Business Model
  • Preservation of Natural Dye Methods
  • Environmental Impact
  • Enhancing the community hub for indigenous to share their ancient wisdom

The Earth Odyssey and JUSTA are ecstatic to begin a project like this that will inspire and empower indigenous women to become self-sustainable through creating regenerative livelihoods while preserving ancient methods. While the Earth Odyssey team gets to share their knowledge, they’ll have to opportunity learn ancient artisan techniques and connect with a collective of empowered women.

Stay tuned for updates and please donate to help make more projects like this possible for Earth Odyssey to complete!