In 2014, NuMundo’s Earth Odyssey welcomed in the new year for the second time at Cosmic Convergence Festival.

We were blessed to meet, exchange and share knowledge with a diverse range of organizations, artists, and even Mayan elders by the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Now in 2017, for the fifth consecutive year, we will gather international and local community for a 4-day, heart-opening New Year celebration on the edge of this sacred body of water.

For decades, Lake Atitlan has been an inspiration to writers and artists. Aldous Huxley himself called it, “The most beautiful lake in the world.” In the creative spirit of this region, Cosmic Convergence runs as a yearly non-profit festival, focused on sharing knowledge of indigenous practice, hosting space for celebration, and bringing financial support to local indigenous communities.

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The Early Years: Building the Cosmic Fire

The central grounding aspect of Cosmic Convergence Festival was the PNM Zone located in the center of the festival.

Here, energy gathered for attendees to participate in ecological demonstrations and visioning a new world. All weekend, the Earth Odyssey team demonstrated eco-technologies. These included a solar cooker, building an oven out of clay and straw, permaculture, tantra-cacao-appropriate cooking technology, fermenting and sprouting, blacksmithing and tantric singing. A big highlight of the weekend in the PNM Zone was the “Nuevo Mundo Cafe.”

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The festival was packed with passionate, cosmic visionaries bringing their ideas together and solidifying a collective vision for creating rapid change in the world.

Our eco-building team designed and installed all of the composting toilet facilities, made from bamboo and recycled wood, as well as an icosahedron meditation space called the “Eternal Return.” The hardworking team also helped build a movement space. This unique structure consisted of many modalities of active embodiments, including everything from various yoga teachings, contact improv and even a sacred twerking ritual.

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Created by the Republic of Light and Tribal Convergence Network, The Cosmic Cinema area was housed in a beautiful antiquated multipurpose mill. This space served as central networking hub for organizations and attendees. It hosted Tribe Talks during the day and was used for exquisite candlelit movie nights and renegade jam sessions.

During the four days of the event, a sacred fire was kept at a central location by the group know as the “Caminantes de la paz.” Led by Mayan Elder and Spiritual Guide, “Tata Pedro Cruz,” these beautiful ceremonies took place every morning and evening. They included offerings and prayers for the last year and the new year.

cosmic convergence

This year promises to be just as transformational as ever.

Our music lineup includes international artists such as Kaya ProjectBio Babas, and Psysex, bringing good vibes to the dance floor. Producer David Casey elaborates:

“The music of Cosmic Convergence is broadly categorized as “tribal future” sound. The psychedelic trance stage brings together travelers and artists from every continent, and features modern interpretations of tribal ritual sound journeys. Perfect Stranger from Israel is headlining in 2017. The global stage features a variety of global fusion sounds including South American “Andes Step” and “Digital Cumbia,” West Coast “sacred bass,” and a variety of house and techno music. GAUDI from Italy/England is featured this year. The third stage features entirely live music, including traditional Mayan ancestral music and Kirtan, as well as modern gypsy punk and rock and roll sounds. The “chill-out” stage features a variety of European downtempo and ambient, as well as traditional sound journeys with drums and ceremonial instruments. Japan being the invited country this year, a number of Japanese artists are featured on various stages and in spaces through the festival.”

For years now, participants and co-creators have experienced transformational learning, sacred celebration and peak moments of engaging connectedness with active community leaders and visionary artists of many modalities.

And, as with many festivals, you won’t find some of the most memorable moments on the program. Watching the sunrise by the lake, improvised mindnight music jam at the Cosmic Cinema, and other magical moments recorded only in our hearts.

We hope to see you all for our next gathering!

cosmic convergence

But wait, the cosmic journey doesn’t end on January first…

Stick around for Cacao Convergence, on January 11 to 15. Take a journey into the world of Cacao. This gathering will take place at a Cacao farm in the Jungle of Lanquin, Guatemala to explore the limitless potential of chocolate in its purest form. Here you will get a chance to taste the fruits, learn the process of how this sacred food comes to life, and experience ways to share Cacao with playful and delicious practices. From rituals to chocolate making, everything becomes a ceremony.