Project Nuevo Mundo’s team of permaculture designers and builders will be hosting a week-long workshop covering the foundations of building the new village: food, water, energy, housing, and waste cycling.

Our week will include site visits to local permaculture projects, practical and theoretical workshops on creating the systems necessary for a small-scale, relatively self-sufficient settlement, and valuable hands-on building experience. Topics covered include permaculture design applied to the homestead and small-scale commercial farm, food forests, water-harvesting, collecting, and retention techniques, small-scale renewable energy generation systems, alternative fuels applied to cooking techniques, the advantages of building from natural and recycled materials including cob and bottle bricks, composting and fertilizer production, and ecological waste systems to close resource-cycling loops. We will emphasize the role of appropriate technologies in our tribal future.

  • Price is lowered to $250 for the 6-day retreat with food included!
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